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Marine style costume, for bachelorette.

February 1, 2018


Ahoy, Mates!

So you are invited to the party, and you are expected to dress up.. wait for it- Nautical theme! Yay! You pull out white wide leg pants, stripy T-shirt and smile to yourself, I am ready, and then you are having second thoughts.. What if Mary is wearing the same T-shirt, what if Annie bought the very same white linen trousers on Sale last autumn, no, you need new ideas…

Here is my look for the party, nautical colours are, navy, white, black and red. And while I am wearing heels in this, you can easy opt for espadrilles, or ballets. The tunic is an oldie, probably from thrift store, do not overlook those, if you want to look different, go for charity stores, to get one of a kind look for less… You can roam your grans wardrobe too, sure she has some fun dresses from her racy days, so exciting!

And think about headwear please. Any Marine party needs fun accessories.

Well, are we ready? Lets go!