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Silver Hair. Before and After

January 31, 2018

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Hey, I am back to show you before and after pics, as promised. Fab, right? I love it, it is unusual though. Cost me €60, I done it in different town this time, just wanted to change my hair artist, you know- change is good lol. So this mama will look grey for a while. No, not grey- Silver.


I learned that it is extremely important to have pleasant hairstylist, today I met the right person for the job, she knew when to listen, when to talk, when to be quiet, she did not ask too many questions, so overall experience was excellent.

The tea/ or coffee, must be of acceptable quality, you do not want to drink rubbish not when you do your hair, not ever.

It’s fantastic to look through fashion magazines, while you wait, but I wish I brought my book with me…

The high price not always mean good service or desired result, I have paid hundreds of euros in the past , with not a word of complaint, but left hair-salons in tears/ or just quite disappointed, today I paid low price for the lovely result, I will definitely be back.

It lifts mood and confidence to have hair done. It works every time (when the job is done right). I felt good coming in, but Boy, I felt fantastic leaving.

So go ahead, ladies, book an appointment.



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