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7 Days Pretty. Day 7. Bold.

January 31, 2018

It’s the last day for 7 Days Pretty Challenge and I thin k this is the most daring outfit so far, not mama look at all. It’s grunge inspired teen look, but I think I am doing just fine, if I can say so myself.

Do you want to ask about shoes?

They are by Avril Lavigne. Daring, bold and quite unusual these wedges make my fab look complete.

So once again I am sporting dark roots, but not for long, I have appointment to beauty salon in 4 hours, so before and after photo is to be expected later today, stay tuned…

Crop top is not my thing.  I am mama of two, I still breastfeed my 16 months old, I am hungry- I eat.  I do not diet and I do not do any sports at the moment, so I think it explains it. Maybe I could lose few kilos, but I will wait until it will happen naturally, it always does to me, you know I wake up one morning and see- OK, I am skinny b*tch again… But for now I just will relax and eat my cake.

I do feel comfortable in my body, either it’s XS size or UK10, its my body, the only one I have got, so I love it.  Ever since I experienced fantastic birth of my second child I adore my body, woman’s body is amazing, remember that ladies, size, shape does not matter, our bodies are beautiful.

See you later.