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7 Days Pretty. Day 5.

January 30, 2018


Here is my Day 5 look, chosen by Erika for 7 Days Pretty challenge. So, what do you think about this outfit? Daring right? Not me?- Definitely, not something I would have chosen for myself, but I totally love it.

Someone told printed/ textured pants are not for Pear-shaped girls, well, they lied. I am Pear and the pants are pear-fect on me. Heels- yeah, used to be my thing, before I became mama and had to carry little ones on my hip for hours non-stop.  But I still love the way I feel, when I wear high heels, special and feminine.

This outfit maybe brings my inner diva to the surface for a while, even though mama-me cringes at this look.

Do you know what I mean?

I challenge you to allow your teen daughter choose the outfit for you for a day, those young girls can teach us thing or two…