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Laundry Day! Drying Clothes Outdoors in Ireland.

January 29, 2018


Laundry day is a happy day for me. Yes, I love doing laundry. I dry clothes outside, on the close- line, so it must be dry weather for this task, however, do not forget, that I do live in Ireland, and it is raining almost daily.  Some days I bring bedsheets in several times, just to take them out to dry again, 10 minutes later, when rain has passed, as if, it had never happened at all, so usually it does take several attempts, before I can proudly bring dry clothes in, to iron. (Oh yeah, I like to iron too!). Today is a rare dry day, and I am taking advantage of it, by washing all net curtains and fabric that we found in the attic of the old cottage, that we bought. (some day I will tell you all about it) Here is a sneak peak-

IMG_1059It is few centuries old, precious cottage,  my fiancé’s granny lived there, so it’s full of sentimental treasures (such as these old curtains), however it also needs big budget for making it liveable in, again.



So back to the topic, lads… How about those windy Irish days, if you live on the Emerald Isle- do you enjoy them? I certainly do.  And the laundry comes out the freshest and the softest it can get.


I am yet to purchase my 1st ever tumble dryer, if I ever will…