No Sew Braided Rag Rug DIY.

January 25, 2018


Well, friends. I have been so busy these days with the kiddies, the attic clear-out and sorting through the old stuff (keep- sell- give away- DIY), it’s actually little bit insane, but hey, I can take the heat. Braided rag-rug is one of my go-to projects, when it comes to reusing and repurposing old fabrics, garments and fabric scraps. Its no-sew project, all I have to do is to cut fabric in slices (they don’t even need to be the same size), and braid adding more as I go. I know some rug makers just twist new scrap into the old one, which looks neat and doesn’t make bulk, but it does not work for me, so I tie knots. They do look messier and are rough to step on (even though my dog definitely doesn’t mind knots, she loves to sleep on rag rugs), but the reason I do tie knots are simple- to keep  fabric in place as I often braid loosely and use stretchy fabrics from t-shirts or socks (always washed to perfection prior to braiding), there is movement in fabric, it stretches, so I would be concerned the fabric slices will come loose, so tying the knots is the way to prevent it for me. Also when I make smaller rugs (for bathroom for example, I wash them in wash-machine, so having knots nice and tight, gives me feeling of security that my rug will not fall apart during the wash.  I must admit I am very tempted to try to make no-knot rug, maybe next time…

Most of the time I do not bother making patterns or matching colours, for several reasons, I do not have much time to spend on these projects, I braid them spontaneously without planning, I like to see a surprise outcome.

The rug in the image will be sold locally.