Mass cards. Sympathy cards. Treasures from an old cottage.

January 22, 2018

We are busy cleaning out the old cottage, sorting through belongings, preparing house to be restored to it former glory, and there are treasures in there, that make me catch my breath and think about human life, so short, just a flash-a moment in eternity… Not gold or jewels or precious coins, but treasures of another kind- memories, little bits and pieces from the people who were there, and now they are gone, leaving old notebook, glasses, fabric cut-offs, vintage buttons, tea cups, old books behind, for us to put together the story of their lives.

I found boxes filled with mass cards, sympathy cards and notes, that although are of people I never knew, brought tears to my eyes, such as card with sweet boys face, he passed away at tender age of 9 and half. Cards of young, handsome men, who lost their lives in 1940s. The oldest card is from 1918!

I just wanted to honour all those people, who were somehow connected to this centuries old, house, where my partners ancestors lived for generations.

So I am starting this project of making a memory album with all the cards. At the moment I have only got 9 pocket pages, for smaller cards, I have no better system yet, but to put either by surnames or by years, I am sure I will figure it out as I go. I have ordered More pages with bigger pockets, and I am still looking for ring binder, since I am on the budget, I can not really spend €80 on the Luxury cover binder, so I guess another DIY, project is coming up…

Anyone is doing Mass card projects? Any other ideas? First I thought to keep them in box, but decided it was best to keep them in pockets to preserve the paper. (must be non-toxic plastic). Feel free to share ideas below.