in the kitchen

Another mash for my little one.

January 19, 2018


I was wondering if you will think it is the same meal he ate yesterday, because it looks exactly the same, but hear me out- these are totally different ingredients. Today he eats boiled SWEET POTATO + PARSNIP! (mashed in the boiled water of course). Its funny how last 3 baby meals I shared with you look the same but taste different. This one is superb, because it’s so sweet, one could swear I added sugar, which I absolutely did not. Parsnip adds fabulous flavour. Have you noticed the size of the portion? Ha, its because daddy put it on the plate, with the moto- better more than less… Baby does not eat much solids, he still loves his mama’s milk.

It’s so easy to cook for the small kiddo, and, even though, one may think, he would get bored of eating mashed veggies, he actually loves them, and possibilities are endless, with 2-6 ingredient recipes, it always come to this: peel veggies- wash- put in water- boil-  mash- cool down- ta-dah!

Bon appétit!