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What my baby eats

January 5, 2018


I am not a pro in the kitchen, but when my family enjoy their meals, I know, that I am doing something right.

Around 1 year of age we started to introduce solids to the baby, prior to that, it was exclusively breast-milk. We started slowly with bananas, avocado, carrots, potato.  Soon he will be 16 months old and he enjoys his meal times a lot, (I still nurse him in between). Today was first time I gave him three ingredient meal- Potato, carrot and squash, boiled and mashed- easy, fast, simple and he liked it so much! He has eaten all these vegetables separately before, but I thought, that squash and the carrot tasted quite strong on their own. So it was a jackpot today, when he asked for 2nd helping of food! It is actually very easy to feed the baby, and there is absolutely no need of rushing to supermarket for baby- food jars with, suspiciously long list of questionable ingredients.