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Yes, I am 30+ and I am learning to drive.

January 3, 2018

I did not intend to leave driving lessons for my thirties, but life does not always work out according to the plans we make in early adolescence, if it did, I probably would be teacher now, living somewhere in Eastern Europe with income of €300 per month! (hahaha, when I was a teen,  300 per month, in Baltic states, was “a dream come true” salary!). I also planned to be married by the age of 30 and have 5 (or more) children, daughters in particular (funny isn’t it?!) oh, and if I remember correct at the age of 7, I just knew that I will have “many- many horses when I grow up”….

Well its been a while since I grew up. No marriage yet. No daughters. No horses. And not even license.. yet. I certainly did not intend to take my first driving lesson at the same time, as my youngest son drives his toy car, but do I feel like a failure- definitely not! The thing is, as life goes by, plans change, priorities change. Everything changes. Why would I want to have “many- many horses” now? And 5 or 7 daughters- Oh my goodness!!! I have 2 sons and I think our family is complete…

Talking about license… life just kind of got in a way, I was busy, I had many excuses, maybe I just wasn’t ready… Some people tried to shame me into doing it, some believed they are superior, just because they have this particular skill and I don’t. I think it’s all nonsense… We all have different set of skills, why should it mean that sewing, cooking, speaking 3 languages, writing poetry, or gardening is less important than driving. Skill is a skill, we all can choose right time ( for us) to learn new things.

In November I felt it was my time, I passed drivers theory test in December, getting 40 out of 40, 100% right. I had my 1st driving lesson today, it was awesome! I done good and I feel proud of myself. When I asked my instructor, if I am his oldest student, he answered:  ” Goodness, no! Last week 64 years old man passed his driving test and will be getting his 1st ever license soon”

I do not know this old man, but I just feel so proud of him and for him.

Now you see, age doesn’t matter, if you want to learn new skill, do it, regardless of your age. And never ever feel embarrassed for being you, with all your imperfections.

Much love.