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And the cards keep arriving…

January 2, 2018


Hi. The postman is still busy delivering cards and letters. They are so precious in our digital world! One of my favourite things about January, is that I still keep receiving (and posting!) delayed Happy New Year cards, letters and parcels. Some of my friends do not receive them until end of January (gasp!), but when it comes to well wishes and presents it’s better later than never. I also had birthday in the end of December, so I get birthday cards too, (bonus!).

I will have to think of some project, how to store my beautiful cards in better fashion, rather than just stacking them in oversized cardboard box. Pinterest is amazing for ideas and inspirations. Couple of years ago, I spied an idea how to display cards on the door, originally, it was one wide red ribbon and pegs, but I prefer twine or skinny ribbons instead, and I not only display cards, but also add other things like snowflakes, candy canes and photos of family living abroad. I will have to put all the cards away in a week (and we will eat the candy canes hahaha), but I do not want to think about it just yet…