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One Christmas décor, that I keep displayed all year round…

January 1, 2018

That’s it friends, 2018th has arrived! My fella started putting decorations away, first thing in the morning, it kind of made me sad, you know… I wanted to snuggle on the couch, drink coffee, eat cookies and talk about all the fantastic things, we are planning to do this year, even though, we already talked about it dozens of times, but anyway, it did upset me, seeing him pull delicate snowflake of the wall, with unnecessary force…

I suppose, I just must accept the fact, that some people love Christmas more than others…

But there is one decoration that I leave on all year round, it’s my straw wreath with crocheted angel in it. I made this wreath couple of years ago, for Advent and my oldest sister, (who is talented in so many ways!) made this little angel for me.

I think this décor ads charm to my room, not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year.

Is there some special Christmas décor, that you keep displayed all year round, if so, what is it?

Talk soon.