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My New Years Party Dress and few silly resolutions.

January 1, 2018

I just love to wear sparkly clothes, and while this sequined dress could have risen few eyebrows if I wore it in June, December was perfect month to shine in it, and when better, then on New Years Eve! I went for comfortable flat shoes, because I am mama, and have been on my feet all day.  Here are some of my New Years resolutions…


Fry, don’t cry.



Nuts. Enough said. More action. (go vegetarian)

26238085_163982840886996_88671598_o.jpgErika also promised to make The Grater great again, but we will need to see about that…

26543877_163983817553565_935058130_oDance ONLY to your own music..


Happy 2018, Friends!