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Jumper-dress. Blond highlights and a little bit of snow.

December 28, 2017




Well, guys, you saw my Christmas photos, right? So you know I was sporting dark roots, because hair-salon was mad busy, well, today I finally got my hair done. Half-head highlights- €70 . I am not sure how I feel about that, of course once again my hair have yellow undertones and I HATE IT! I will try to use that awful purple shampoo, but that’s my hair, it probably will not work. I know, I know, I should have done full-head highlights, but leaving over €100 in hair-salon, just was not an option. I know I’ll rock them anyway, I just wish they came out slightly lighter that’s all, ah well, maybe next time…

I love my jumper-dress though… Well technically it’s my mom’s, but she gave it to me when I was pregnant (so it’s mine now). It’s loose and baggy on me now and I like that, very comfy. To add colour I went for burgundy tights; ankle boots are from VAVAVOOM

It’s snowing here, YAY! But it’s melting straight away, boo… Fine with me, no matter how pretty snow is, Irish drivers just aren’t doing well in wintery conditions, and the least we want, is to hear about more road accidents and lost lives coming into New Year.

Is it just me, or this December brought lots of death?  Whenever I switch on news, its murder, suicide or some kind of tragedy. In our area, it’s funeral after funeral and, not only its old people, who pass away, but also young, the ones who had so much ahead of them. So incredibly sad.

On the lighter note- My birthday is coming up, hurray! Any Capricorns here? We are awesome, right? I am not doing anything special, with Christmas and New Years eve parties, it’s just too exhausting to celebrate birthday too. It’s all about relaxing lifestyle for me, loving it.


Talk soon.