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Simple Yet Lovely- Beige Party Dress

December 27, 2017


My Christmas party dress was both- simple and pretty. Nude embellished sheath dress by Atmosphere, was given to me by someone else. I love giving away my clothes, and I never say no, when someone gives their unwanted clothes to me, it makes me feel good to be thrifty, to reuse, recycle, save the planet lol. I think if everyone kept swapping clothes, world would be much better place. So here I am- rocking my dark roots, because I did not get appointment to my local  hairdresser, and sporting someone else’s unwanted, pre-loved dress, and I feel amazing. And you will see me wear it again. And again. And again, before I pass it on to someone else or make the cushion cover or tote bag out of it…

In the end of the day, one may buy dress worth hundreds of euros, and still feel insecure in it, while someone else wears cheap (or free) dress and totally owns it. Remember that, ladies, it’s not about the brand, or the price or the outfit itself, its about you- the wearer, the body, the attitude. Love YOUR style and love yourself.