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Long sleeved party dress.

December 27, 2017

DSCF8404This is the dress, that I wore few years back for Christmas party. It’s from Missguided

Embellished, bodycon nude with long-sleeves. I wore it with gold stilettos. I absolutely love long sleeves for colder seasons, particularly in Ireland, because it’s always windy here.

Every few months I go through my wardrobe and sort out my old unwanted clothes and then I decide either to give them away or to sell, or make something out of them. So I sold this dress last year, I am happy that now someone else in Ireland is loving this dress, as much as I did.

There will be more clothes leaving my home in January and, I am very excited about freeing some space, it’s kind of getting out of control recently (hahaha) 

How often do you do wardrobe clear-out’s? Do you find it hard to let go of your favourite pieces, even though you haven’t worn them for years? I must admit I have few of those, that I just keep- in case I will want to wear them some day…

Talk soon.