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Flower of Love by Claude McKay

December 27, 2017


Flower of Love by Claude Mc Kay

23633211_151814702103810_1858722715_oThe perfume of your body dulls my sense.
I want nor wine nor weed; your breath alone
Suffices. In this moment rare and tense
I worship at your breast. The flower is blown,
The saffron petals tempt my amorous mouth,
The yellow heart is radiant now with dew
Soft-scented, redolent of my loved South;
O flower of love! I give myself to you.
Uncovered on your couch of figured green,
Here let us linger indivisible.
The portals of your sanctuary unseen
Receive my offering, yielding unto me.
Oh, with our love the night is warm and deep!
The air is sweet, my flower, and sweet the flute
Whose music lulls our burning brain to sleep,
While we lie loving, passionate and mute.


Found this poem today and I absolutely love it. Isn’t it beautiful how some people create magic with words. Cast the spell upon you, and then you are lost in the wonder of the poem, which is not ordinary poem anymore, but another- secret world, known only to you and the author him/her-self.




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