Rock Your Dark Roots.

December 26, 2017

Ok, it’s not that I set up to celebrate Christmas with dark roots, (I would like to say otherwise, but that would be lying). Also I would like to mention, that since I am breastfeeding, I am trying to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible, because they do find their way into my milk supply. However, I am a girl and I love to be pretty, so I dye my hair several times per year. Also I choose to support local business, which means, whenever possible, I use services of our local hairdresser (there is only one hair-saloon near me) . But when I rang for appointment, it turned out she was fully booked out until 28th of December. I had 3 options- Go to another hair-salon, do DIY (but then it would be brunette- I will not chance to do blond at home, because it never comes out right) and Nr3- to rock my black roots. So I did. Well there still was another option- to keep head covered (Santa hats, peak -caps, knit caps, Elf’s cone, wide hairbands, scarf, cow-boy hats, pirate hats,  wigs, party hats, fedora, etc. ) but I said- Nah, I will rock my dark roots. Well here is my result. And if you are, for some reason, forced to live with dark roots and even attend some party, do not despair, just rock it! (If celebrities can get away with that, so should we!) You can always go to hairdresser another time. But if it is your worst nightmare to be seen with black roots, always make sure you make appointment in good time, of course, you still have other 3 options.
Well I will have my hair done 28th of December, so I will see you then.

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