Love affair with the library.

December 24, 2017


Here is me and the baby returning library books, we will pick out new books in January again.

So 2017 was special in many ways, but one heart warming memory from this year will be our family joining library. It happened through school, my son brought application to fill in, to receive membership. So we took him in for books, and I decided to get membership too. I was surprised that it’s free! And the staff is not boring and “cold-fish” type at all, they are really nice and chatty, not the “shushhh in the library!” kind of people.

Ever since then, we are having amazing time going to library and picking out books.

Also there was colouring competition in library and my son won 1st prize in his age group, we were so excited, he got great prizes too. Here is his job-


Lovely, isn’t it?!

So guys, do not forget return library books and if you haven’t joined library yet, why don’t you put it on your Things To Do In 2018 list!