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My Birth Music Playlist- Natural Pain relief.

December 23, 2017

Hi. I am so happy you are reading this post, and considering music as a form of pain-relief, it does wonders to take mind of the pain and discomfort, helps to relax and motivates to walk around, which in turn, helps to speed up labour.

I did not do much research with my first pregnancy, memories of birth of my first baby are rather bitter-sweet, and I am still full of regrets  of choices I made- such as arriving to hospital too early, using dripper and epidural. When I became pregnant with our second baby, I decided to do things differently, and to gather as much information as possible, for better and more natural birth. It was amazing journey, and my second birth was truly beautiful and healing experience for me and my partner. 

 If you have opportunity to work with music therapist, or specially trained doula it’s great, but if it’s not a option, do not despair, just make the list of your favourite music, listen it throughout pregnancy, while meditating, breathing, relaxing and all that will come naturally during  the birth. 


I used mp3 player (just because I love it, and I do not care for more modern options), but you can choose any device for your pre-recorded music, whichever works best for you. I used large, over the ears, headphones, with the option for my partner connecting his earbud- earphones to listen with me (in the slow dance possibly…) but he did not do it, the labour progressed too fast. You can learn more about earphones here.

So now to the fun part- which songs to choose. I did not follow any rules, I guess there must be some rules, but for me- I chose all songs I liked and thought, I will enjoy listening, when I am in discomfort and pain.

I deleted 2 songs of my list, because I noticed, that they sped up my heartbeat in rather unpleasant manner, those songs were (“Candy shop” and “Gangster Paradise” hahaha )

Mother Earth Song here

Just the way you are by Barry White here

Take me to Church by Hozier here

Mona Sekna here

My funny Valentine by Ella Fitzgerald here

Fever by Peggy Lee here

Galway Girl by Sharon Shannon and Mundy here

Love Injected by Aminata Savodogo here

Lover come back to me by Cassandra Wilson here

I don’t want to talk about it by Rod Steward and Amy Bell here

Have you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams here

Tu Es Foutu by Ingrid here

Cry me a river by Julie London here

Voyage Voyage by Kate Ryan here

And these:

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perry

Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding

Somebody that I used to know by Gotye

Just the two of us by Grover Washington Jn

Warwick Avenue by Duffy

Lady in red by Chris de Burgh

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran

It must have been love by Roxette

Fields of gold by Sting

Pretty Woman by Roy Orbinson

Only you. The Platters

Piece by piece by Katie Melua

All that she wants by Ace of Base

Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon

Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson

Big Girl- You are beautiful by MIKA

Don’t speak by No doubt

Tonight by Reamonn

Need you now by Lady Antebellum

El Privilegio de amar by Mijares y Lucero

Goodnight by Melody Gardot

It’s raining men by Weather girls


Here you go, ladies, enjoy! I had over 100 songs and it was great to listen and choose, it also took my mind of pain to flicker buttons looking for song that I really wanted to hear at that moment of contraction, I also turned volume higher during contraction and then turned down when pain eased, that way I kept myself busy and entertained, while my body did, what it was meant to do, birth my baby.

I had two birth one with epidural and restricted movements and another with music, free movement and few breathes of Gas and air (Entonox) and I can truly honestly say- second birth was so much better. (Some day, I will share full birth story with you, so come back again!) Hope you are inspired and will consider to birth naturally, I regret taking gas, I could have done well without it, but my partner gave it to me, because I was making birthing mammal noises (Ha-the best thing with good headphones, you do not hear yourself !) The gas isn’t necessary, so do not bother with that, if I birth again I will not use it. Read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (here with free worldwide delivery) if you consider natural birth it’s truly amazing book!

Much Love