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Driving in Russia is no joke.

December 23, 2017



Hey, just little shout out to those, who consider hiring car and driving in Russia during holiday stay- don’t, please, just don’t. You have no chance, really, do yourself a favour and do not even attempt to drive, unless you are very experienced and very brave. Driving style in Russia is fast paced and rather aggressive. They speed without fear for their life, they signal non stop, they open windows and curse you so bad, you are lucky if you do not understand the language. They wave fists at you and throw trash out the window. Road markings get ignored,  heck, even traffic lights get ignored, passing Volgograd after standing on the red light for a minute, one fella beeped and next thing we knew, everyone was driving on red, it was insane (and funny too). You will see the black smoke coming out of car exhaust pipes, car windows will be replaced by plastic film and also music would blast a little too loud. Oh and they also drive whereever car fits- pedestrian areas, steps, rails, fields, you name it- they will drive there… And by God, be careful when you cross the road, even on the Zebra crossings, they do not stop, you can google that, how many pedestrians get killed on Zebra crossings in Russia annually- that’s waaaay too many! Russian people are kind and genuine when you get to talk to them, but on the road everyone is for themselves- its a jungle!

So, that’s it for now.