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December 22, 2017

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First of all, if you are breastfeeding mama, I salute you, you are giving the best start in life to your little one. I love breastfeeding, I am nursing my baby for over year now, and it is amazing, but style wise, I have to admit, I have to make an effort, not to wear the same clothes over and over, because it really is tempting, to throw on something, that I feel the most comfortable in. Also, because I am not very keen on investing hundreds of euros in clothes that nobody, but my family will see, will be possibly stained with baby poop, and that I will only need for period of time- during breastfeeding, and I never know when we will stop, so no point to spend fortune… If you were browsing online stores, you probably noticed that maternity and nursing clothes are quite pricey, so if you are like me, you will look for cheaper solutions. My favourites are stretchy (jersey) wrap tops or dresses, they are very comfortable, even at the time when mama is still recovering after birth, jersey will hug body lovingly, without unnecessary zips, buttons and pressure. Main thing: V-neckline enables you to nurse  baby with ease!

This outfit above, ticks all the boxes- easy to nurse in, comfortable, pretty, still wearable, after you stop breastfeeding, affordable, no hassle washing, no need to iron/ doesn’t crease. Perfect.