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Holding Hands…..

December 19, 2017


Holding Hands

Take you in my breath
as we dance the waltz of love
just holding hands
our bodies moving so freely

mesmerized by the sweet sounds of the
classical music playing nightly in the air

dancing on that wharf
in the moonlight
holding hands
binding by sweet love

grows stronger by hour of the night
holding hands and dancing sweet song
of loved waltz
music draws us in close

so happy as i have that little cry of laughter
slowing a tear drop falls down my cheek
holding hands, holding hands,
dance in the breath of treasured life

my love you are just so precious to me
just wanting to stay holding your hands
dancing that waltz forever

that night in the wharfs moonlight
holding hands
until i take my last breath of life
my love and soul of heartened hope
holding hands
dancing our waltz of love
holding hands
in the nightly lovers wharf
where our hearts do become one
treasured to the depths of soul
holding hands
loving on the tender
i surrendered by soul
we dance that waltz of love
holding hands
in every breath

Holding Hands
Deb Harman

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