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Fields of Gold. In Russia.

December 19, 2017

The journey to Astrakhan was amazing, but quite exhausting. I was pregnant. It was hot. We drove about 30h, maybe more. In that time, we covered over 2300km… In the Volkswagen Passat . I know even to me it sounds rather crazy (and I am the initiator of the whole adventure!) . Anyway, now, looking back at that trip, we are so glad we done it, the memories we got out of this holiday, are absolutely priceless. When you travel off the beat path, you must expect unexpected, and be prepared for some discomfort. It was not tourist area, where we went. We met real people, we saw daily lives of poor families, we ate in some rough places, we cried in the outdoor toilets (holes in the ground ), with the smell of… you know, the poop in the heat of 50 degrees Celsius (122 F) and, while we both are quite tolerant of heat, (my guy used to live in Sydney, so he was totally fine, me- well, I adapt with ease) , I must admit, the toilets (or lack of them) wasn’t something we would like to experience again. Also because my man is Irish, he only drinks tea with milk, and, as we drove for hours and hours, first through the forests, then crop fields, sunflower fields, followed by desert- looking areas, not even one shop there sold milk. But that was issue only in rural areas, we got everything we needed in the bigger cities.

You know, the one thing I wanted to say- the fields were beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, in the all colours of the rainbow, they stood magnificent, greeting us, small and insignificant passers by, with crops and flowers gently swaying in the wind.

Ps: This song reminds me of our trip- Fields of Gold  

Talk soon.