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Baby’s first shoes.

December 19, 2017


My little fella started walking week before his 1st birthday and, as we have tiled floors in the kitchen and hallway (the areas he spends most of his time in), we had to think about buying quality footwear for him, before frost hit Ireland. We kept an open mind about brand, but when we tried on these, we knew, these were the right choice.  Start rite felt soft and light and comfortable. And even now- months later they are still in great condition.

Price also was acceptable, as we paid €52 in the shop for them.

If you are first time parent, please take in consideration:

  • Your walking baby will needs time to get used to the footwear, he may trip over his own feet, step on his own toes and in general, just will keep falling. First week I just kept walking beside him and tried to support him, if he was about to fall.
  • If your floor is warm (carpets, heated tiles or timber floor) you do not need to buy baby shoes straight away (unless baby needs it for outdoors), allow your baby to walk bare- feet or in his non-slip socks as much as possible.
  • Keep baby’s feet warm and dry.
  • Buy quality, breathable footwear, with ankle support.
  • Baby will try to take one or both shoes off.  Mine does, and he also tries to dump them into the trash bin or dogs water bowl.
  • It’s quite frustrating, if you have to go somewhere, and one shoe is nowhere to be found, please be patient. (it’s there somewhere.)
  • If your baby is sitting in shopping trolley, in the supermarket, chances are, that he/she will try to kick the shoe off, so always make sure your baby leaves supermarket (or park) with both shoes on.

So here it is. Hope you find this post helpful. Share your favourite baby shoe brands in comments.