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Just us… and Katyusha Rocket Launcher. (Amazing trip to Russia)

December 18, 2017


Do I need to tell more?

Well, we were there, Katyusha was there, we took photos… But then again, it was not that simple. As I was growing new life inside of me, little boy, tiny human being, my heart cried, for all the life lost, during the WW2. For all the mothers, who never saw their sons again, for all young girls, who said good-byes to their loved ones, for the last time, never to see them again. And them soldiers, were not even men, just boys…

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”

-Herbert Hoover

So, now you understand, that couple of photos, with the smile on my face, hold deeper meaning, and the ache inside my heart, feels all too real, like freshly inflicted stab-wound, rather than mild sadness, caused by looking at an object, displayed, for passers by, to see…

The loss was real…

The pain was real too…

Katyusha was a sign of hope for Russian nation, and the greatest fear of German troops.

As this Rocket Artillery was only marked with letter K, young men gave it a nickname- Katyusha, from the popular wartime song by Mikhail Isakovsky, and a beautiful song it was too, listen newer version here

In case, you are not familiar with Russian names, Katyusha is a gentle form of female name Ekaterina (also Katya), and the song is about longing and love. How sad, isn’t it?

Talk soon, my friends.