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…and there was a tank in the park… (Astrakhan is full of surprises)

December 18, 2017


Hey, just wanted to share few more photos from our holiday in South of Russia, Astrakhan. One evening we went for a walk in the park, near Volga River little did we know, how special this park was..

The kids were crawling all over the tank and playing games. Passers by explained (I am fluent in Russian, so was able to communicate freely) , that years ago you could actually sit inside and top of the tank could move in all directions, but then accident happened, someone got injured, so the top part was sealed.

I know quality of photos is quite poor, but we had taken millions of photos that day and battery was very low. All the same, these photos are precious.

And my boyfriend got to sit on the tank…

Oh, and did I tell you, that I was 6 months pregnant at the time?

Well that did not stop me…


Ps: I was very fond of those red ballerinas…