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Very First Pregnancy.

December 16, 2017

  Pregnancy is a time in woman’s life, when she will feel emotional. Guys, accept that, it’s in our nature. Women need love, as plants need water. Please, please never make woman feel guilty for wearing heart on her sleeve during pregnancy.  And please, do not be afraid to touch that lovely bump, I promise, bump does not bite.


 Every pregnancy is different, and I would know that, I have two kiddies. My first pregnancy was absolutely amazing. I felt beautiful from the day I found out  I was pregnant till the day I gave birth. I also knew it will be a boy, I just knew it. I was so excited to buy tiny little baby clothes, and then looked at them for hours at home, rearranging shelves and tidying house non-stop. Some girls I knew, were dizzy and sick, throwing up for months and suffered with back pain, had swollen limbs, but I was lucky, non of that happened to me. I was tired during first trimester, which resulted in excellent sleep, but  that was it. I did not have any food cravings, but for some reason I could not eat Spaghetti  Bolognese anymore. Just like that, one morning I woke up, and announced, that I hate it, and will never eat it again… Also I gave up alcohol, and black tea. I just drank buckets of water and I felt great. We even went holidays to Latvia and to Russia, and it was awesome! I must show you some fab photos of that trip, it was true adventure for us!

My second pregnancy was slightly different than first, but I will tell you about it another time.

Thanks for reading my story.