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The Fox Called Hope.

December 16, 2017

Last December my boyfriend Dinny rescued a fox and, you guessed it,- this act of kindness made me love him even more.

As he was driving to town, he passed, what he thought, was dead fox on the side of the road. Everyone passed it. But on the way back home he decided to stop and investigate. Turned out, fox was alive, so he picked her up and took her home (Not knowing what else to do), I also would like to mention, that this young, and beautiful fox did not put up resistance at all, which is unusual for wild animal. He gave her water and food and wrapped in the blanket. Later he drove her to local vet, who refused to “Touch that thing”. We found contact number for wildlife rescue and they in turn pointed us towards I am not sure if they are still providing services, but at the time they were very helpful, you could see they genuinely cared.

So after fox been with us for 2 days, she was collected and taken to her new, temporary home. We rang to enquiry, and were told, that her leg was broken, her rib injured and she had few bruises, but was recovering well. She would be released to join her brothers and sisters in Irish forests, in months to come.

They called her Hope.

Later we saw connection (or maybe it was just coincidence), that exactly year prior to that, my partner had work accident, which could have claimed his life, but he was lucky…

Well, so was this fox.

You know how in this world we are all connected. Maybe, this was meant to be…

ADVICE:  Take extreme care approaching wild animal, if they are injured or scared, they will think you try to attack them at their most vulnerable time, so they will defend themselves. Please never allow children touch wild animals, apart from the fact, that, those rascals bite, they also carry parasites and diseases. If unsure what to do, but want to help, stay safe distance away and contact Wildlife Rescue Services.

Contacts (Ireland):

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