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Quiet and Simple Engagement.

December 16, 2017


Our engagement was quiet and simple. We did not want fuss, pressure, unnecessary expense or noise. We were already living together for 5 years and had a child. All we wanted,was just to stay out for the night, walk and enjoy each others company. Our son stayed with granny for a night and had great fun there. I did not do manicure prior to trip, or special make up, I did not go to hair salon, and you know what- it absolutely did not matter. We went to Glen Of Aherlow  in County Tipperary, Ireland, to celebrate in private and it did not disappoint,  it is truly magnificent place , it’s mostly favoured by hill walkers, bird watchers and nature lovers. Another couple- our friends joined us, but most of time they done their own thing, however we went for a walk together and had lovely meal cooked from local organic produce. Our friends made few beautiful photos of us. It was perfect and very relaxing, exactly what we wanted our engagement to be.

Our engagement was not a surprise to me at all. I think he asked me, if I will marry him, after we dated for two weeks, and I said- Yes, so that was established. When opportunity presented itself, in form of lovely chunk of money, he asked me to print out the photo of the ring I want, and that was it.  And you know, I am romantic, and I would shed a tear watching movie, when hero drops to one knee and has the whole speech ready, even poem, he swears her undying love and heroine is so surprised and she cries and shouts- yes, yes, yes! And they ride into the sunset together…

But… at the same time, I did not want my man to feel uncomfortable, trying to play a role of someone he is not. He is ordinary guy, who loves me, and he got this beautiful ring for me, and he wants to grow old with me, and love me forever, I know it. And I do not need him to act in front of me. We said “I love you” to each other, we kissed and it was very happy moment for us.

We went to Faery tree, where I left my hairband and we made a wish at the Holy Well.

It was magical.

Then we went to have few drinks. Hotel manager gifted me old beautiful book, when he found out we are engaged and that I am book- lover. So now I have this very special book to show my kids and my future grandkids, its amazing how little detail like that can mean so much…

There was local singer playing guitar, and he dedicated song for us, Kodaline-All I Want   

Now we have our own engagement song, very special book, beautiful photos and lovely memories, from the day, he gave me Sapphire and Diamond ring.


Sapphire is for faithful love.

Love and Be loved.