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Is Your Pet Trying To Kill Christmas Tree?

December 15, 2017


DSCF8506Hey, guys.

How are things? I have been watching my Shar-Pei Lily respectfully walking around Christmas tree, trying not to touch it, and I remembered two other pets, who used to live with me, who done everything in their power to destroy Christmas decorations as if all this Festive Hype, was bringing out their inner Grinch.

I used to have pup Toby (RIP, baby) when I was little girl and he would do everything to get his paws on sparkly baubles, worse yet, all tree ornaments my parents had were vintage and rare, made out of most delicate glass.. Ouch…


Hear my mum scream “Toby, where are you, little devil?!”

When I first came to live in Ireland, I had a cat, her name was Miss Jones, very proud madam she was too.. But when Christmas tree was decorated, her gloves were off, she was fighting tooth and nail and (yeah you guessed it) in uneven war of Cat versus Christmas tree, cat always won. You can’t imagine- baubles, snowflakes and even strings of colourful fairy lights- she killed them all…

So, if your pets are tree- destroyers, know- you are not alone, I totally feel your pain, share your story, let’s laugh (or cry) together.

Now most of my ornaments are shatterproof, but not because of my pet, she is real lady…

The ones who try to break my Christmas tree now- are my kids!