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My Irish Citizenship.

December 14, 2017

IMG_0975It’s two years today since I got my Irish citizenship, through Naturalisation. At the time, I have been living in Ireland almost 8 years and already felt like citizen of Green Isle, in fact, I felt like one, since the day I  stepped my foot on this land,  I knew- I belong here. That weird voice in my mind telling me: “Home, at last!”

And so it was!

As I had European Passport at the time, I could travel and work freely within European Union, so, I did not need Irish Residency, but I wanted to be a Citizen of this country so, that was my reason.  Some people have asked me, if I will/ do benefit financially in some way, by becoming Irish Citizen, and my answer is- No.  I did not do it for money. I done it for myself.

I am not ambitious person, not the one, who decides and just “goes for it” type of girl, so, to put myself out there was very nerve- wrecking and exciting experience. When I saw mountain of forms, that I had to complete, I thought it will take me months and months to do it, I was wrong, it did not take that long at all! IMG_0979.JPG

The biggest challenge? Paperwork! Translation of original documents was easiest part, with absolutely flawless service by https://www.translationworld.ie/

It took some effort to gather the proof, that I genuinely lived in this country past 4 years (They did not care about another 4 before that, just four prior to application.)  Thanks to my hoarder nature, I managed to find bills, receipts, tickets, doctor appointments and letters for almost every month of those 4 years. I even sent photocopy of ultrasound scan, because it showed my name, date and time when I was in particular maternity hospital, and since I had no other proof for that month, it had to do… I imagine the face of the person who done paperwork, they probably never seen such a detailed proof (hahaha). After that, I was not asked for any more documents.

All process took about 6 months.

Non-refundable Statutory application processing fee was €175. In November I was notified that my application was successful. Next step was to pay Statutory Certification fee, which, at the time, was €950.  Once that was paid, I expected to receive invitation to Ceremony sometime in April, because “those things do take time..” Me and my partner started to make plans for wild night in Dublin…

Then we got engaged.

Then my partner had an accident (And we are truly blessed  and grateful that he survived!) Of course, I forgot all about Citizenship Ceremony, just to receive invite the very same week!

Ceremony took place little over week later, in National Convention Centre (aka “The Tube in the Cube”), speeches were made, Garda Band, conducted by Inspector Pat Kenny, played beautiful music and finally, I made declaration of Fidelity to Irish nation and Loyalty to Irish State. I silently shed a tear of happiness for becoming Irish by law, and also tear of sadness, that my partner wasn’t able to attend ceremony with me. He was in awful pain at home, recovering from femur fracture and surgery. Originally we planned to stay in Dublin over night, drink Guinness and have a lot of fun celebrating, I even wanted to buy green “Kiss me, I’m Irish T-shirt specially for the occasion, but then all plans had to be abandoned, and all I could think of was- Thanks God , he survived!

My mum and her partner , God bless them, shared this special moment with me. And it was great. Before I knew it, I was back home, changing bandages for my man and telling him all about my day.  Cooking meal, making tea, putting kiddo to sleep, reading book.


All was well in my quiet world.

Thanks for reading my story.