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Quiet Evening at Home is… The Book and a Hot Tea.

December 13, 2017


Oh, those quiet evenings at home… I just love, love, love them!

Before I had kids, quiet evening at home meant glass of wine and the movie. Now, however, as I am breastfeeding, alcohol is not an option, and, honestly, I do not miss it any more. I still do watch movies now and again, but nowadays, when kiddos are snuggled in bed, and my man is watching some dark, violent movie (not my thing), reading is my favourite pastime.

There have been viruses and infections everywhere this season, taking hold of my poor kiddies, so I am trying to do more healthier snack options, to boost immunity and produce healthier milk for my little one (yep, it is garlic, and I will eat it raw, and I am very sad, that it has got such a bad reputation smell- wise, because garlic is truly amazing vegetable.) I also love herbal teas. The one you see is peppermint.

And finally about the book.

“A very gothic Christmas” Pocket books romance. Two wicked and wondrous novellas:

“After the music” by Christine Feehan

“Lady of the Locket” by Melanie George

I picked it up yesterday in the charity shop. Cost me €0.50, nothing wrong with that, eh?

It does look promising , even though I haven’t checked Goodreads for reviews yet. I am just on the first page now, and I already like it.

So, what are you reading, guys? What does “Quiet evening at home” mean to you?

Cheers. Stay healthy and enjoy your books.